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Power Quality Assessment

Does your software crash more often for no apparent reason? Are your test engineers complaining about chaotic measurements and faulty analyzes?

An industrial environment presents particular challenges for modern technology. Control components are highly complex electronic components that can react accordingly sensitively. It is not uncommon for companies to experience software crashes, measurement and control errors that can not be traced back to the instruments themselves.

Control signals of state-of-the-art devices require precise synchronization, for example to evaluation units. As a result of voltage spikes or frequency deviations in the often outdated distribution networks of companies, disturbances can occur that at first glance have no identifiable cause. Short power interruptions and significant deformations in the usual sinusoid of the supply voltage, for example by switching on or using large loads, such as strong electric motors, is a common cause.

Where does that come from?

If your company has such or similar seemingly unexplainable occurrences, or you operate sensitive analytics in the network, please contact us. Our experts analyze your operations for a week or two with measuring devices and get to grips with the background of your issues. As a result you can expect a detailed assessment from us, with the right measures to eliminate "homemade" power fluctuations and their problems. Contact us for more information!

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Power quality assessment
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